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Letter to the Editor: Finds driving on Darrow Road 'pretty frustrating' due to timing of lights

Published: August 14, 2016 12:00 AM

Shortly after

I moved to Stow in February 2000, I read somewhere that the city was planning to get all the traffic lights on Darrow Road timed so that once you got one green, you could potentially get them all green.

What happened to that plan? Not only has that not happened, there have been more lights added, with yet another planned for the intersection with Fishcreek, and this morning I saw that new lights had been installed but not yet turned on at the entrances to the Brueggers/Dominos plaza and the Shoppes of Stow across the street.

The traffic light situation is so bad traveling north from Munroe Falls that if you get stopped at Route 59 (Kent Road), you'll likely get stopped again at Beech (the library), Graham, Stow Road and City Center/Uniondale. After that, you've got a 50/50 chance of getting stopped at every light until you get to the city limits at Norton Road.

I love living in Stow, but driving on Darrow Road is pretty frustrating. I hope once the construction is finished, the city planners will try to get at least some of the lights timed for better traffic flow.

Susan Carpenter, Stow

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