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Letter: 'Thieves come out of the woodwork' to steal produce from gardens

Published: August 7, 2016 12:00 AM

For the past

40 plus years, I have had a vegetable garden out on Stow Road. It is known as the Stow Community Gardens. With the help of the city and the Park and Rec department, it has provided Stow residents with outstanding fresh vegetables and flowers.

Each spring, our residents are given the opportunity to purchase a plot at reasonable cost, to grow and nurture their choice of plants with an agreement to follow all rules set by our all-volunteer board. Our gardeners do just that, working very hard to get the results of their labor.

So you can imagine how upset and disappointed they become when they return to their numbered plot to find their produce stolen. The word "community" in our name does not mean you can help yourself. If you didn't plant it, water it, weed it or nurture it, then it is not yours and belongs to the person who did. You are a thief and have stolen property from a child, or senior citizen, or maybe even your next-door-neighbor.

This is city property and you will be prosecuted. And so it begins. Just as our gardeners begin to harvest, the thieves come out of the woodwork. Are you the thief who cut a gardener's plastic fence, just to steal her very first ripened tomatoes?

Mary Lou Rosinski, Stow

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