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Letter: Favors trained, licensed school personnel to have handguns at schools

Published: January 27, 2013 12:00 AM

I work in our

school system. My stepson attends Stow-Munroe Falls High School. I am glad for all of the increased safety protocols that are now in place.

I am also glad for ongoing attention being given to the safety of all of our children and staff.

I am in favor of new laws that restrict automatic and assault type weapons from the general public. I see this type of weapon as needed only by law enforcement and military personnel.

That being said, I am in favor of school staff who are both trained and licensed to carry handguns to be able to have them at the school they work at. At present, our police are being used to add security at our various schools. This is a very expensive way to deal with the problem.

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Using staff would add no additional cost to the public and provide the protection that is needed. Already there are some school systems that have implemented this into their security measures.

I feel Stow-Munroe Falls schools should consider this concept.

David Sachs, Stow

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anonymous Feb 1, 2013 2:33 PM

Dear David S., Where I agree that assault weapons need and must be restricted to the military and police. I respectfully disagree with weapons at schools, most especially at elementary schools. After all, the one danger that would be even worse than a shooter entering the school, would be a child getting hold of a loaded weapon.

This, I believe, begs the question with all the security that would be needed and called for to keep the loaded weapon out of children's hands, but the time that a shooter does enter and action is called for, how speedily would the action be able to be taken? This is why I believe prevention is far better. Keeping the shooter from assault weapons, and keep the people with violent tendencies from owning weapons, most especially 30 round clips.